About Amber Mango


About Amber Mango

Freecell3D is and Amber Mango product. Please visit our website www.ambermango.com for more information about Amber Mango and details about our current and forthcoming products.

You can also download new Card Decks and Tables from the website.

Credits and Copyrights

Coding and atrwork by Dave Wilkinson.

We would like Shlomi Fish for creating the Freecell solver and making it available in the public domain.
Thanks to John Gauge, Mark Tyndall, and Ian Wilkinson - the Freecell3D beta-testers. And thanks also to Kate for her support.

The court cards of the standard deck in Freecell3D are based on a French, Languedoc style by Lamarque circa 1720. The have been digitally colored from scanned and re-touched black and white line drawings. (Our apologies if the colors are not authentic.) The line drawings were taken from Antique Playing Cards A Pictorial Treasury by Henry René D'Allemagne, selected and arranged by Carol Belanger Grafton, Dover Publications Inc, New York. The pip cards were created specially for Freecell3D (copyright (c) York Technologies Ltd 2001-2002).

Freecell3D is copyright (c) 2001-2002 York Technologies Limited. All text and images on these help pages are copyright (c) 2002 York Technologies Limited. Freecell3D and Amber Mango are trademarks of York Technologies Limited.
Windows, Internet Explorer, and DirectX are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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Amber Mango is a trading name of York Technologies Limited registered in England and Wales, No 3846468. Registered office 34 Barbican Mews, York YO10 5BZ, UK.