Introducing Freecell3D

Introducing Freecell3D

Freecell is a card game for one player. It is part of a large group of card gamed commonly known as "Patience" games. These games typically involve reordering a shuffled card deck so that each suit is in order and require various degrees of luck and judgment. Freecell is a game that relies heavily on judgment in that in virtually all cases it is solvable. You do not, however have to be skilled at patience games to learn and play Freecell - it is easily learned by the beginner, and success can come quickly. The ultimate goal is to master the game so that you can solve nearly every deal you are presented with first time.

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Freecell3D is here to make Freecell even more enjoyable to play: more fun for the beginner; more advanced options for the seasoned player.

Stunning 3D Graphics

Freecell 3D features realistic card graphics on a table that can be viewed from any angle and scaled smoothly to any screen size. You will quickly discover that this is far more natural to the eye than the usual vertical wall of cards that look as if they are about to fall off the screen. Use your 19" monitor to the full by maximizing the table to fill the screen, but don't worry, it also looks great in a small window as well. Subtle table lighting effects enhance the atmosphere using real-time light-mapping.

Easy to Use

Cards can be moved either by dragging or point-and-click; multiple card moves are possible. Mistakes can be undone - in fact you can undo/redo to any move right up to the start of the game, even in previously saved games that have been loaded. A window list all the moves that have been performed, and you can jump straight to any of the previous positions. (All this can be disabled if you think it's cheating!)

Race the Computer

Think you are fast? Freecell3D has a race mode where you compete against the computer. Try not to panic as you watch the computer surge ahead - can you catch up before all the computer's cards are home.

Save and Load

Games can be saved at any time (even after completion) and returned to later. Freecell3D saves a thumbnail with each saved game so you can browse through and choose which to play. There is also an Auto-Save option that automatically saves the current game when you exit and automatically loads it when you restart.

Solve, Check and Suggest

Freecell3D includes a solver (created by Shlomi Fish) to get you out of those tricky situations. You can just use it to tell you if a game is solvable from the current position, or you could use it to finish the game for you. Alternatively, ask it to suggest any number of moves to get you out of that tight spot - useful when you are just beginning to play Freecell. Why not try to beat the solver by completing the game in fewer moves than it can.

Atmospheric Sound

New to Version 2 are realistic sound effects. The sounds made by real playing cards have been recorded several times to give depth to the sound effects.,

There are just a few of the many features Freecell3D has to offer.

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