Race Mode


Race Mode

Race mode lets you play a game of Freecell against the computer. Both you and the computer will play separate games, but the cards will be dealt the same. The idea is to complete the game before the computer does. Many of the usual aids, such as the solver will be unavailable. You will be able to see both your table and the computer, but don't watch the computer too closely - the clock is ticking.

Starting the Race

To start the race select Race from the File or click the Race toolbar button. You will be presented with a dialog box with a slider that lets you choose the skill level of the computer. As you move the slider to the left the the computer thinks and moves faster. The Thinking Time is time taken before the computer makes its first move. Note that when the cards are sorted in the columns the computer gets faster, just like you do!

Playing the Race

You will see that the screen is split in two in one of three ways: horizontally; vertically; or diagonally. Your table is the lower or leftmost one. Start playing straight away as the computer will be thinking already.

You can change the view split method using the Race Mode Split option in the View menu. You can also change the viewpoint in both views in the usual way (click on the view you want to alter first).

Race Play-Aids

During the rage the following play-aids will not be available.
  1. Any of the Solver functions, including Check Out.
  2. Auto-Finish.
  3. Auto-Move to Home Cells.
  4. Loading and Saving.
Undo, Redo, and Goto will be available unless they have been disabled in the Game Options.

Ending a Race

The race usually ends when either you or the computer completes the game. You can also end the race early by clicking again on the Race option in the File menu or the Race toolbar button. You will be back in the usual single-view mode with cards in the positions that they were in when the race ended. This allows you to continue the game.

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