Registering Freecell3D


Registering Freecell3D

When you first obtain Freecell3D it will usually be the Evaluation Version. This lets you try out the game before you decide to buy it. The Evaluation Version allows you to start from only five different deals, and it will remind you that you are playing this version from time to time. Also, in the Evaluation Version you cannot change the table-top (or load new ones), and you cannot load new card decks.

In order to play the full version of Freecell3D we kindly ask that you buy it. The full version of Freecell3D lets you start from two billion different deals which should be plenty for the time being. When you buy, you will be sent a Serial Number and a User Name that will unlock Freecell3D and convert it to the Full Version instantly. If you decide to purchase online then you will get your serial number by email almost immediately. You do not need to download a new version.

How to Register

Freecell3D costs just $14.95 US (subject to change). There are a number of ways to purchase. Click here to go to the Freecell3D registration website. We are sorry that we cannot put all this information in the help file, but we may change the ordering details from time-to-time in order to ensure that you get the best possible service.

Entering the Serial Number

Once you have registered you will have a User Name and Serial Number that will let you unlock the evaluation version to full version of Freecell3D.

You can access the registration screen in Freecell3D either from the reminder screens that are displayed at the start of the game and when Freecell3D is exited. Alternatively select the Enter Serial Number item in the Help menu.

You will be presented with a dialog that allows you to enter the User Name and Serial Number you have been provided with. You must use the User Name you have been given as it is unique to the serial number. Any other name will not work. If the Serial Number is valid then you will now be able to access the full version of Freecell3D.

Note: Please keep your User Name and Serial Number in a safe place as you will need them if you reinstall Freecell3D.

If you have problems entering your Serial Number click here

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