Rules of Freecell

Here are the rules of Freecell. If you would like to jump straight to the tutorial click here The figure below shows a game of Freecell just after the cards have been dealt.

New Freecell Deal

The 52 cards are shuffled and dealt into 8 columns (dealing across the columns), This means there are four columns with seven cards and four columns with six cards. Each of these columns is sometimes called a depot, but we will just call them columns. At the top of the table are two sets of four cells where cards can be placed. The cells on the left are called free cells and can hold one card each. The cells on the right are called home cells and there is one for each suit. This is where the cards are sorted to as the game proceeds. The object of the game is to finish with four piles of 13 cards on each home cell, sorted into each suit from Ace on the bottom through to King on the top. In Freecell the aces are low.

During the game a number of moves are allowed. You can move any card that is at the bottom of a column or on a free cell. Here is where you can move the card to. If the above moves sound confusing then have a look at the tutorial for some examples

Through using a combination of the above moves it should be possible to end up with all the cards sorted in the home cells. Make too many wrong moves, however, and you might find that you get stuck an unable to make a legal move. Time to start again (or in Freecell3D maybe undo some moves).

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