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Freecell 3D

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  • Two-billion different deals (numbered deals correspond with Microsoft® equivalents)
  • Fully animated solver - sit back and watch
  • Drag Cards or Point-and-Click
  • Computer will suggest any number of moves
  • Check if the game is solvable from the current position
  • Undo, redo, and goto. (Can be configured to allow all moves to be undone, last move only or disabled)
  • Race Mode - play against the computer with 20 levels of difficulty


  • Detailed 3D rendered graphics (Direct3D) using real-time light-mapping
  • Totally scalable graphics - works in any window size subject to video memory*
  • Fully animated card moves
  • User-defined "Move Height"
  • Custom table view positioning (with easy-to-use "Nav Control")
  • Three levels of card detail
  • New Card Tables and Decks can be added
  • Variable level of Card Tidiness!
  • Edge anti-aliasing on Card Graphics (8-bit Alpha)
  • Spot-light or ambient light with variable brightness
  • Multi-texturing
  • Semi-transparent tables (8-bit Alpha)

Other Features

  • Moves window - shows moves that have been made (and those that have been undone). Also shows Standard Notation
  • Multi-sampled stereo sound effects
  • Copy and paste moves in verbose or standard notation
  • Load and Save games (with preview window)
  • Autosave on exit
  • Per-user Settings. (In multi-user environments)
  • Per-user Statistics. (In multi-user environments)
  • Detailed on-line help (context-sensitive)
  • Tutorial
* 800 x 600 resolution or higher recommended.
Where graphics hardware supports it.

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